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Refugee Youth Service

Supporting unaccompanied children and young people on the move to restart and rebuild their lives
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What we believe in

Keeping young people safe along the migratory journey

“I love biology, I will try to be a doctor to help people. I will try go in trucks, but it’s scary and dangerous.”
17, Afghanistan 

Refugee Youth service

In a nutshell

Refugee Youth Service works with children and young people across Europe. We currently support 16-21 year old youth in Athens, Greece, and children under 18 in Calais, France. 


What we do

We are dedicated to bringing immediate and lasting change to the lives of unaccompanied children and young adults on the move in Europe.

We provide young people with safe spaces that faciliate access to a range of specialist and basic services, delivered by trained professionals. These are spaces in which to relax and participate in creative activities, organised sports and learning opportunities.

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Who we are

A diverse group of people from different backgrounds, united and motivated to make a long lasting impact on the lives of children who are unaccompanied and displaced. Social workers, cultural mediators and youth workers are core to our work, with all team members sharing a passion for improving the futures of children and young people on the move.

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Operations across europe
Calais - france

Mobile Youth Support Vehicle

Launched in 2017, and operated by ECPAT France since October 2021, a mobile safer space provides a place to connect with and support unaccompanied minors in northern France.

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Athens - Greece

Safe Space and Integration Service

In partnership with Velos Youth Athens, RYS provides a safer space for young people aged 16-21 years of age. The program aims to help young people to restart and rebuild their lives, through a range of emotional, material and specialist support.

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Refugee Youth Service welcomes applications from all of those able to give their time to support the work we do.
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Our work on the ground relies on donations, your support goes a long way to keeping young people safe and well
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Refugee Youth Service is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund registered charity number 1099682