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My Most Memorable Day With Refugee Youth Service

Past Operations Officer describes her most memorable day while working with RYS. An impactful story of the last day of the transition period for Brexit, and the team's mission to help unaccompanied children on this crucial day, and the importance of building a relationship of trust with these children who are too often met with suspicion.

June 2, 2021


A Visit From the Department of Calais

Breif on the productive visit from the Department of Calais that allowed our team to show RYS's work with unaccompanied children.

May 17, 2021


Reflections on My Time in Calais

Past RYS Operations Officer Virginie reflects on her time in Calais, the people she has met and the importance of seemingly trivial acts as an expression of kindness.

April 27, 2021


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